How To

How to use HostGator discount coupons

These coupons will give great discounts while purchasing HostGator hosting and other products. Here we will take you through all the processes of using the coupons, and it is very simple. So let’s get started.

Step 1:  Go to and select a web hosting plan of your choice:


Step 2:
 After selecting the plan, you will be asked do you have a domain to use with this plan or would you like to purchase it now. If you already have a domain name then click ‘YES’ and skip this step, or if you do not have a domain name and want to buy one now, then click ‘NO’ and proceed to purchasing a domain name first.


Step 3:
Enter your domain name and click continue. Do not select the add-ons if you do not need them. Uncheck them before continuing

Step 4:
Now enter the hostgator discount code in the box (below ‘continue’ button) and press continue and make the purchase.


That’s it, very simple. If you encounter any issue regarding your purchase, feel free contact us